(10) Datascape__

A digital landscape, created out of online data, presented in a physical environment.

3D-coded objects, sound, showcase

(9) De Wens is de vader van de gedachte__

Thesis about the power of design as a journalistic tool in a post-true society.

Researchquestion: How can credibility be achieved through aesthetic journalism in relation to post-truth, so awareness can be created about socio-political circumstances?

research, thesis, book

(8) Physical virtuality__

 A mathematical calculation of how much physical space is equivalent to data. Executed in three

 architectural shapes that show how physical and virtual space can be divided.

one cube - three architectonic sculptures

(7) Nevermind__

A re-design of Jim Berkenstadt and Charles Cross' book Nevermind - Nirvana.


(6) Get the point__

A little mind game. Click here to play the game.

website, game

(5) WAGE (membership)__

Artists deserve a fee, not just ‘publicity’. This is an identity proposal for WAGE

(working Artists and the Greater Economy). They are a New York-based activist organization.

Collaboration with Denise Bernst


(4)Future Fossils__

With these edited materials we are able to pass on information for a million years.

plastic, glas, metal plates - typographic sculptures

(3) Different perspective__

Postcard serie with different directions.


(2) Trust - Distrust__

A short movie as a reaction to the movie Festen of Thomas Vinterberg.


(1) If the keynote is so bad__

A book about the bacteria on your keyboard.


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